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Campag gear compatibility-8spd

shaw8670shaw8670 Posts: 264
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I have an 8 spd set up at the moment and am changing to a triple. I have tried using the short cage mech that I have already, but lose the use of too many gears. I am told a 9 speed medium mech will have a 39t capacity, which is spot on, but which mech would work best, pre or post 2000, as the geometry changed about then?
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  • pliptrotpliptrot Posts: 582
    At the risk of being absolutely no help at all, I had an 8 speed set up -52/39 front and 12/26 rear, with a short cage rear mech, all 8 speed (Chorus, if that matters). I put on a front triple, 32/42/52, and it worked a treat. Now, I've always been careful about chain line, so I avoided the extremes, but even when I messed up in this respect, I never had any problems. So suck it and see?? The manufacturers have always been very conservative with their advice on gearing capacity.
  • Rob SallnowRob Sallnow Posts: 6,279
    In theory the post 2001 mech should work very well according to Branford Bikes and that made me buy the rear mech first when I went from 8 speed to experience wasn't that good and I bought the Ergos a lot quicker than planned.
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    What typically defines the number of useable gears on a triple is chainring rub - which is more to do with chainline and chainstay length than the ability of the rear mech to take the slack. I've quite successfully used a short-arm mech on a triple and apart from small sprockets on the small chainring, it all runs fine.
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  • geoff_ssgeoff_ss Posts: 1,201
    I had a Campag Mirage 8 speed Ergopower set up on the 653 audax bike I built up in 1995. I found the short arm rear mech coped perfectly well with a 50/40/30 Campag chainset coupled with a 12/26 block, which was about the widest range Campag supplied at the time.

    Mont Dog is quite right, gear capacity is a function of the rear mech's capability of absorbing the tooth difference range combined with chain rub/alignment problems of the chain set.

    I've since replaced the Campag chainset with a Shimano 44/32/22 one and the rear mech still copes perfectly well,. though the indexing is no longer effective as I also fitted flat bars and Shimano shifters at the same time.

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