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B A cycle bag requirements

PekkaPekka Posts: 119
edited December 2007 in Tour & expedition
I have just checked the BA webpage for information on carrying cycles. I use a clear plastic bag for travel. Does anyone have any experience using this type of bag on BA flights i.e. will they knock me back?


  • Last August we took two BA flights within Europe and did not bag our bikes for either. Of course that is no guarantee but as long as you ring ahead to warn them you are carrying bikes I have always found BA very accommodating.
  • BrainsBrains Posts: 1,732
    From experience, the problem is not the carrier, but the loading company

    We flew 2 bikes London to Shannon, with no bags, and the when we tried to fly back (same carrier) Shannon would not accept bikes other than fully boxed.

    By amazing luck 2 cyclists had just arrived in from the USA and were building their bikes in the aiport and we got the boxes from them. Otherwise it would have ment a trip into town to beg borrow or steal boxes from the local bike shop and nodoubt the loss of our flights
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