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"Volpi elected President, È un disastro!!

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The crims are now running the joint. I spotted Alberto Volpi driving one of the following cars, I think, at the Tour of Britain. This Muppet was the grand winner of the Leeds Classic race, some years ago. I travelled a long way to see this race and this "Idiota" (Guess the translation) got busted straight after he race. Now I read this from Cycling News-

Professional cycling has team organisations IPCT (ProTour teams) and AIGCP (The International Association of Professional Cycling Teams) and the riders' organisation, CPA (Association of Professional Cyclists), and will now have another association just for team directors. The new professional association, the ADISPRO, or the International Association of Directeur Sportifs (ADISPRO), was announced on Friday in Varese. The ADISPRO will be based in Milan, and will appoint its executive committee in November.

The new association's president, Alberto Volpi, director of Barloworld, was pleased to finally realize his dream of uniting team directors, which will consist of team directors from six different countries (Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Denmark and Australia).

There is no hope, no Superman, Spiderman just a "censored " who can only "Pound" his desk in with mindless abandon; whilst everyone else carries on as before. :cry:
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  • KléberKléber Posts: 6,842
    I know you're upset but he's just one of a line of dodgy riders who go straight from a busted career into managing younger riders. Just as teams like T-Mobile promise "fresh starts" when they're staffed with stale farts, the soigneurs, doctors and mechanics from the stone age.
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