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Wheel Racing Rules

steve23steve23 Posts: 2,202
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i take it there must be some rules about the maximum depth of wheel rims for road racing???

if so, what are they?

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  • Hi there.

    The uci rules say that if you rim is deeper than 25mm then it needs to pass a uci crash test. The list of wheels that have passed is here: ... d=MzUyMjk&

    Pretty much every wheel by the major manufacturers are here... Planet-x wheels noticeably are not. Presumably only because they haven't been tested.

    All of that really only applies to uci sanctioned races, not the majority of British races. I'm not sure what the BC rules are.

    Here in Scotland, the rules are more simply - your bike just has to be roadworthy. "Where a rider is found to be using a machine which in the opinion of the Chief Commissaire presents a danger to his/herself or others, the rider shall be withdrawn from the event"

    Cheers, Andy
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    It's not just about crash-worthiness, but also an ability to maintain control - a rim over 50mm can present significant handling problems in a strong crosswind - in the middle of the bunch it could be very dangerous. The UCI regs were brought in following concerns over the original Spinergy wheels in a crash - they had 16 sharp-edge bladed spokes that would be pretty good at chopping off fingers in a crash or causing serious lacerations. BTW UCI regs only apply to road races under BCF rules - for TLI, LVRC, TTs and triathlon the more general 'roadworthiness' rule mentioned by Andrew is what applies.
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