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Solar-powered Bike

cycladeliccycladelic Posts: 641
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It's an uphill climb to the bottom


  • I doubt they'll ever "take off" as such*, but they might pinch some of the electric-bike niche market in sunnier parts of the world. Fitness and weight control are a major motivating factor for a lot of (most?) cyclists so a power-assist defeats the object somewhat!

    There's only ever going to be a limited number of people who want to cycle but don't want to gain the health benefits...

    *Insert joke about flying bikes here.
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  • daviddddaviddd Posts: 637
    it's more of a novelty activity I guess - it would be fun to see how far you could go with no effort....
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  • Here in Taiwan, about 50% of the population own/use a motor scooter. That's around 10 million scooters on the road and I seriously doubt these solar-powered bikes willl replace many. Various local companies make electric bikes/scooters, but not many people ride them. I think they may be more popular in Amsterdam and similar European cities.
    It's an uphill climb to the bottom
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