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iamthepoliceiamthepolice Posts: 14
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hello i need help on what to do with my bike.

now iv got a standard bike with no suspension on it. it must be now 4-5 years old. it runs very well, just recently got a new rear tyre and service from my local bike shop.

i want to get a full suspension bike but havent got alot of money to spend.
i know to get a very good full suspension bike you need to spend alot of money many people have told me. but im not allowed due to many reasons.... oh well

iv had a look on ebay and come across a frame. ... oryZ22679Q QssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

iv already got a triple clamp fork that i bought 2 years ago but it doesnt fit my bike frame which iv already got becasue the place where it goes (duno whats it called) is too small??

now if i buy this frame can i use the same parts on my old bike??

obviously il have to buy a stem and headset. but will i be able to use the gears and all the other stuff???


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