Hetchins: which handlebars?

Gavin Gilbert
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this afternoon I have mostly been preparing my next job for Neill Shankland to work his magic on. It's a '54 Experto Crede and I can't decide which 'bars to fit:


The photo on the left with the Weinmann levers is the bike with Bailey bars. A bit of a late model for a '54. These are quite wide so fit me well, but have a long reach so I will need to find another stem.

The photo on the right is the bike with GB 531 bars and stem in a Maes pattern. Bang-on period correct, the reach is perfect but the bars are painfully narrow.

I think I prefer the look of the Maes bars, but I'm not 100% about it.

Influence me please :wink:


  • I like the look of the lefty
  • bagpusscp
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    IMO the ones on the right . The ones on the left would look better on a Fixed wheel . Nice machine .
  • peejay78
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    i prefer the steeper drop on the bars on the left.
  • 4candles
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    Stick with the correct period bars, seeing as you have them... you know it makes sence.
  • Dickie
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    I would go for the Baileys, I hate riding on narrow period drops, I find them seriously uncomfortable.
  • DEJ
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    I have a 54 straight Experto Crede as well, but I've not yet built it up. I like wide bars so the narrow ones are out and so I'm probably going to use GB randonneur bars with a GB stem.

    I think the decision depends on how seriously you'll be riding it and over what sort of country? Personally I only buy bikes that I intend to ride and for a reasonable distance. Of course owning a bike for for display or pride of possession is a worthy pastime in which case make it as authentic as possible.

    best of luck with it.

    David Jones