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Trip to UK

aussiecliffaussiecliff Posts: 5
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Hi All

New to forum but need advise on the following. Company I work for is sending me to Godley UK in January. I probably have a weekend off so I would like to hire a bike and sample some single track (fire trails in aus) in the area. Can anymore start me in the right direction.


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Where is godley near too because i can't find it on a map? Is it near manchester?
  • Hello,

    I have checked Google maps and it looks like Godley is near Manchester - is that the one? Either way it doesn't make much difference, advise would be the same.

    Are you looking to go to trail centres? If so, best ones are in Scotland and Wales. Although there is good riding in Yorkshire too (and obviously various other places before people start arguing). If you want the best trail centre, Glentress near Peebles is (in my opinion) as good as it gets. Are you going by train? If so, you could probably get to Edinburgh and then a bus to Peebles/Glentress. It would take you a while to get there by train. There are lots who ride round there who might be able to show you round. What wkend is it likely to be? Another option is to go to the Lake district where some awesome natural riding - I know a good few people there who I am sure would be able to help.

    Any thoughts on the above?
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Peak district is right near there
  • At the moment it will be the first two weeks in January. Still days are not confirmed. Natural single track would be my pick but just riding a bike is enough. Godley is outside Manchester. Have been told Ladybower Lake and Doctors Gate are possible locations. I will be probably travelling public transport. Main aim is not to waste 2 days in a hotel room. Continued information would be greatly appreciated. :D
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Have only been to peak district once on a geography trip. I did see a place where they higher out bikes at ladybower resivoir but could obviously not see what the biking was like. This website may help - i think
  • clantonclanton Posts: 1,287
    My advice - bring LOTS of warm and waterproof gear if your're coming from Aus! The riding around the peaks is great but the weather will be a very rude awakening for you.
  • Thanks for the warning. Its around 25-30 degrees on a standard day at the moment. Which attire do you guys use in winter. In winter we ride with arms and leggins which we take off if getting hot and a rain jacket if the weather changes. (10-15 degrees C)
  • clantonclanton Posts: 1,287
    I've not ridden in the Lakes in January but I've ridden in North Wales and I would advise you be prepared for temperatures between 0 - 5 degrees Celsius and heavy rain. Dress so that you are only slightly cold starting out and then take at least one extra layer for emergencies. Consider carrying a dry set of gloves and socks (and keep them dry!)

    I would ride in: base layer (Helly Hansen or similar), long fleecy bib tights over regular cycling tights, cycling top over this and then a waterproof. Water proof gloves and Seal Skinz or similar socks with possibly a liner sock underneath. If you are wearing summer cycling shoes then get a set of waterproof overshoes. I also often start out wearing a buff on the head, once I've warmed up this goes into the camelback for emergencies, I would also carry a lightweight fleece.

    This probably sounds like overkill and maybe for many it is but I don't like being cold!
  • Not sure how you would get to ladybower by public transport? but here are a few pics of what to expect (in the summer)

    If possible I would advise riding the trail centres with bike hire, they are more suited to winter riding as the surface is all weather, as opposed to natural trails in the uk which turn to mush during the winter, also as somebody from out of the 'AREA' you wont get lost as the trail centres are waymarked, whereas Ladybower isnt! From manchester Coed Llandegla in wales is only an hour or so drive and has a great trailhead Cafe to warm up in afterwards, and if you dont get purpose built trails Downunder why come to England and ride similar to what you ride at home (just wetter)?

    Check out this review I wrote, and dont be put off by Llandegla if my review sounds a little extreme (I need to update it slighlty) I ride it on a XC full Susser and only jump around 1 foot off the ground MAX on the biggest jumps , Plus lots of people ride it on hard tails with any level of skill and there are different graded routes for all skill levels. At Llandegla you make the trail what you want it to be depending on your aggresiveness.

    Hope this helps?

    Sore ribs.................I must start walking the trail 1st before steep descents into the unknown!
  • Being only a light weight (featherweight actually), I hate being cold, thanks for the advise. I understand that riding in UK might not be as comfortable as Australia at the moment but I just think it is something I should do. I'm not a tourist type and don't want to sit in a hotel all weekend.
  • Glentress is great, and everyone should go there if they can, but if you're relying on public transport I wouldn't bother. Nearest train station is in Edinburgh (about 40 miles away), and the busses almost certainly won't let you take your bike on board unless you can pack it in a bag. Plus it would take an absolute age to get there from Manchester. Just so you don't go completely wasting your time...
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