Wacky cures for your ills

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Just passing on a few things to try at this time of year.
Colds and Flu - I looked on the net and found that some people were using Ear Drops to stop colds. The theory goes that colds get into the system by us itching our ears and germs go down the ear tract to the back of the throat (don't quote me) and then progress to give a head cold. I've used Otex as it has the magic ingredient of 5% Hydrogen Peroxide. This, I have found is a lot more pleasant than the Vicks 1st Defense and works fast. Good stuff!

The second is for dodgy guts where you may end up getting full blown Flu. The answer is, if you can stomach it, Sauerkraut!! Yikes!!! If you can get a mouthful of this down your neck, then you'll be on the road to recovery. You will need about 3 lots of this per day, for about a day and a half. When it has fully cleared your system then you will feel the full benefits. Your guts will improve first and then, some time later, your lower digestive parts. I think it's the acid in the Sauerkraut which cleans things out. I've tried it on quite a few occassions and it's done the same each time. KILL or CURE!! :twisted:
Hope you will find the same benefits as I did!
Cheers Jerry.
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