Which first road bike? £200 - 300!

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As I've mentioned in another thread, I'm after a road bike to commute / train on. Don't want to spent too much as MTB's are my thing really.

I'm 5'8" and 13 stone. Want something as light as possible, but is strong and durable. Obviously its not going to be great at this price but as always, when I'm sticking my hand in my pocket I want the best I can get for my dough.

What can i get for £200-300?

I've found the following, please recommend or make new suggestions!

The Carerra Vertuso is currently on sale as £225.

http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stor ... ryrn_47151

I had a look at this earlier and it looks alright, heavier than I had hoped but still would be quite happy with it I think.

Ventura Vitesse - £220
http://www.wiggle.co.uk/ProductDetail.a ... %20Vitesse

BeOne Briza 1.0 - 300
http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... elID=14991

BeOne Briza 2.0 - 270
http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... elID=14992

Do I need 3 chain rings?


  • I'd probably recommend going second hand, get a lot more for your money that way.

    If you want new, the Carreras don't generally look too bad and the BTwin bikes from Decathlon are good for the money. They're both unfashionable brands of course, but think of the pleasure you'll get passing someone on a much more expensive bike on a hill!
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    The Carrera would be the best of that bunch I reckon, whether you need 3 rings depends on how hilly is it round your neck of the woods.

    I only have a double, and it's reasonably hilly where I am.

    2nd hand, you'll probably pick up a Trek 1000 for £200ish, though they seem to hold their value quite well.
    You might pick up a bargain on something like a Claud Butler, as they seem to be less 'fashionable'

    Shame you weren't looking the end of last monthm, Halfords had two 10% offers running at the same time, so you could have got the Virtuoso for around £180 :?

    £370 gets you a Btwin Sport 3, front carbon forms, and carbon rear stays.

    other than that, trawl for end of line, or last year model bargains I guess - assuming you don;t want to go 2nd hand of course.

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    Id second going second hand myself, none of the bikes at this level have frames worth upgradeing, Id recommend something like this :-

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/GIANT-SCR-3-ROAD- ... dZViewItem

    the SCR series uses the same frame and carbon forks up to the scr 1.0 which is a £900 bike, so the frames good for future upgrades, the bike comes with sora as standard which is ok to begin with, Id recommend at least 105 eventually :D. but thats a frame thats worth chucking some money at in the future, and it comes with carbon forks already. ITs a bike which is cheap enough to begin with but which is worth spending money on once you find you enjoy it so much, and that is a frame which will make it more ejoyable :D

    Ive got the SCR 1.0 but I have tried the 2.0 and 3.0 the comfort frame and carbon forks really do make a nice basis for a bike even at the lower end of the range, this sort of second hand deal gets you onto a upgradeable enjoyable bike rather for your money.

    I live in Torquay which is pretty hilly Ive got a 7 mile commute and I wouldnt be without my triple :D I only use the lowest gear is on two climbs one each way but both those hills are monsters and I love having the easy option.
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    Thanks for all the replies.

    I dont mind going second hand but its obviously easier to buy new. I really know nothing about road bikes so the advice is really appreciated.

    That Giant looks good, what sort of price would you expect it to go for? Its not too far from me either.

    From what I've been told 45cm seems small for a medium, and what about 26" wheels?

    Wouldn't it be far too small for a 6 footer, as the guy has said he is?

    What is the order of rank of shimano groupsets? Alivio, Deore, LX, XT, XTR etc.
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    Some other options in that price range:

    Dawes Giro 400 - £299 - Sora components

    http://www.bikesyoulike.co.uk/index.htm ... 7&brandID=

    Saracen Aravis - £300 - Sora & 2200 components

    http://www.bikesyoulike.co.uk/index.htm ... 0&brandID=

    Saracen Tour 2007 - £229

    http://www.bikesyoulike.co.uk/index.htm ... 3&brandID=

    Obviously you'd want to weigh up the Double/Triple/Compact issue and study the other Specs in detail - you'd get a better equiped bike 2nd hand though, although it would
    probably be 2-5 years old (not that that's a huge issue).
  • I just bought the Carrera for 200 and I'm well pleased with it. It's a great bike for the money.

    The second hand ones look tempting though
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  • If it is indeed a medium, it's 50cm, and 700c wheels.

    So either he's got the measurements wrong, or the size.

    If it is a medium, I've got the same bike. I'm just a bit over 5'11'' and I find the bike nice and comfy. I'm long of leg short of torso though. If you have a more normal torso length you might find the top tube a little on the short side. Might be worth clarifying with the guy.

    Great bike for commuting though. I've fit full mudguards on mine, and a rack and have no complaints. Just be aware that the rear wheel won't hold up to much weight if you are thinking about fitting a rack / panniers for your commute.

    Hope that helps.
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    If you have £300 to spend have a look on the Wiggle web site, they were selling Giant SCR4's for £315. As mentioned above its the same frame so you can upgrade as you can afford/need to.
  • I bought the SCR 3 (2008) (Medium 50cm) and I am a natch notch under 6ft. I find it is fine for me but I have short legs and a long body.
    Picked it up for £385.00 at Rutland Cycles, I think you can get 2007 models for £350ish.
    I have only done 20-30 mile jaunts on it so far but really enjoying it.
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    Im 5'8" I ride the Giant SCR1.0 on a medium frame thats 50 cm by the manufacturers figure, when I measure top of crank bracket to the top of the crossbar it measures around 45cm, Ive got no idea though how accurate this guy is or where hes measureing his crank from etc (centre of bracket top of bracket bottom of bracket etc etc). as for 26" wheels 700c is more likely ive not seen a 26" wheel equipped Giant SCR You would need to confirm that with the seller.

    Pricewise you would have to decide a limit the bikes rrp was £450 stay in budget head for the lower end of your budget and maybe you will have some cash to chuck at it straight away :D When they were on offer a month or two ago this bike was only £350 new, so you definetely shouldnt go up to the top end of your price range. You might even if you dig arround find some of these still on offer new at that sort of price www.winstanleysbikes.co.uk have them at that price still but not in the medium frame any more :(

    If you have an ebay account its worth taking a look at completed auctions to get a guide price. I would have thought it should end within your budget.
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    Thanks again for all advice, but can I now point you here, might be a few more options:

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    Spend a little more and get a Trek 1000 in the winter sales - a really great reliable bike available in a triple. The angles are spot on - comfortable and fast. You should get one for 450.
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