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Marseilles to Carpentras

rich_pcprich_pcp Posts: 1,661
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I'm flying to Marseilles to stay in Carpentras to do Ventoux. Does anyone know how easy (or difficult!) it is to get from the airport to Carpentras or Bedoin. There apparently is no rail link.


  • There are trains from Marseille to Avignon. Avignon is an easy day's ride from Carpentras. Depends on how your bike is packed whether you can take it. Some trains do carry assembled bikes.
    Can't tell you owt about Marseiile airport.
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  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    Or alternatively you could get the airport shuttle bus (if there is one) to Aix and train from there.

    Avignon TGV is (allegedly) the nearest station to Carpentras - 15kms away.

    IIRC all of the trains on this line are TGVs so you will need to have the bike wheels off in a bike bag.

    Try the Marseille airport website for information on transport to Marseille or Aix - I'm sure there must be some sort of public transport to either or both of them.
  • rich_pcprich_pcp Posts: 1,661
    Thanks guys. I've just had an email back from Carpentras tourist office saying you can get a train from Marseilles- Avignon and a bus thereafter. Both must be prior booked. Sounds a bit awkward but possible!
  • geocyclegeocycle Posts: 202
    There is a shuttle bus (coach) to Marseille, Aix-TGV and Aix. Be warned that the TGV stations in Aix and Avignon are outside the city centres (there are normal stations in the city). Cycling into aix (nearest) or marseille would need careful route planning as the roads are very major indeed. Another option if you've got some time would be to make your way toward Salon de Provence on the minor roads around the Etang de Berre and then cross the Plan de Orgon to Avignon. Once away from the industrial area around the Etang it is a pleasant route,
  • rich pcp wrote:
    I'm flying to Marseilles to stay in Carpentras to do Ventoux. Does anyone know how easy (or difficult!) it is to get from the airport to Carpentras or Bedoin. There apparently is no rail link.

    It's a bit of a pain but do-able. Get a taxi from the airport to Vitrolles Gare, it's about 5 minutes away.
    Then get the train from Vitrolles to Avignon Central - takes about 1h 20m if I recall. Check the train times at

    Then you need a bus to Carpentras, Bedoin or any of the towns near Mont Ventoux. run a bus service from Avignon to Vaison la Romaine which is 8km from Malaucene, 20km from Bedoin and a much much nicer town than Carpentras.

    Good luck
  • bofbof Posts: 372
    It's only just over fifty flat miles on a bike
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  • pneumaticpneumatic Posts: 1,989
    My advice would be to ride the ten miles to Bedoin from Carpentras. Before starting the Ventoux climb, you are well advised to warm up the legs because after Bedoin it is unrelenting.

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  • I'm not sure whether you are touring or need to get to your hotel with a bike in a bag and your kit - hence my reply.

    If you go from the airport to Marseille to get the train to Avignon, make sure you get a train to Avignon Centre and not TGV otherwise you'll need to use another shuttle bus in Avignon!! The Gare Routier (bus station) is close to Avignon Central station.

    The transfer from the airport to the centre of Marseille almost takes an hour too so if the train times work with your flight, a train from Vitrolles to Avignon would be quicker.

    I was trying to reduce the number of buses you'll need to use with my suggestion because sometimes they can be awkward with a bike bag / box. Very rarely a problem on the train.
  • why not just fly to Avignon instead - FlyBe and others fly direct from a few UK airports...and the airport is on the eastern (Carpentras) side of the city
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