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GT Avalanche 2.0(non disc) - good bike?

dubbleyudubbleyu Posts: 14
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Im probably gona be plumping for this bike, and just wanted opinions really please! ... elID=19756


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Its a good entry level MTB. You could really do with trying it out.
  • I still have a GT Avalanche 1.0 non disc and would agree with Supersonic that it is a good entry level bike,

    I would check out the fork and whether you could upgrade to disc brakes.

    It will be good for firetracks / bridleways but you may find it hard work on technical single track as you get more experienced.

    When I upgraded I bought a GT Zaskar Pro and love it 8)

  • I got the avalanche 1.0 non disc version

    Before that i had a dmr with discs and although the discs were better at stopping, i have now got used to it and i just pull them earlier than when i had discs. Stopping aint an issue even in cruddy conditions.

    Lx mech
    front deore mech
    deore gears
    avid brakes single digit 5/ avid 2 finger levers.
    truative 5d crank( powerspline )
    hydro formed frame
    over sized bars
    forged stem
    Fork SR sx100 'speed lockout' 32 mm stanchion , pre load , hydraulic damping magnesium lowers
    alex wheel set
    kenda nevagal tyres ( great in mud)
    wtb speed v seat ( now body geometry)
    pedals standard affair (now v'8s)

    Got this for £300 reduced from £400 and 2007 model. Look around you may get one similair

  • I got an Avalanche 2 2005, but with discs and it's a fine ride.

    Solid and dependable if a little chunky but nothing that new wheels, tires and and a 302 fork didn't fix.
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  • Ive seen quite alot of reviews of this bike and they all seem good and say its a great starting bike

    personally i dont like the looks but is probably a great ride to start off with ive got a trek 4300 disk and its great ! not too expensive either.
  • seems like a good enough bike, i've also been looking at another couple of bikes ... elID=14964 ... elID=23675 ... elID=14920

    any more opinions or advice would be great, thanx!
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    They all lack one thing - the damped fork. The GT has this, makes a big difference off road.
  • I used to own this bike. I'm still a reasonable newbie to the sport. Its a great starter bike but is a bit heavy and I found its suspension was stiff. I've recently upgraded to a Specialized Rockhopper Disc which is great, as I'm now getting more into off roading.
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