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Recommendation: A good DVD or book for learning MTB'ing?

mookboymookboy Posts: 39
edited December 2007 in MTB beginners
I've not sat on a bike in about 8yrs, and I've never owned a mountain bike before. I went from a Raleigh 10 speed (I think) racer when I was in my teens, to BMX'ing (via skating) when I was 18-19. So I'm in the process of reading everything I can get my mits on, on the internet, about learning the basics of riding a mountain bike - specifically off-road as I live rurally with loads of paths and bridal paths.

Is there a good DVD or book out there that would help me learn the basic techniques and do and don'ts of riding a mountain bike? I had a look today in a few shops and I could only find books of trails or bike maintenance guides (I've already got Zinn on order). I've found a few useful clips on Youtube, but was hoping to find something more substantial?


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