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HELP!!! Bad knee

cosworthcosworth Posts: 66
edited January 2008 in Health, fitness & training
i have had osgood schlatters in my knee for about 1 year.... but in the past 5-6 weeks i have been getting a bad pain in my knee... so i went to the doctors then on to physio :x . she was sor of confused as what it is but said she thinks it is something to do with my cartlidges :shock: . i normally get this pain when have done quite alot of walking or it is cold and i go for a jog etc.... it feels like my knee tightend up and is hard to stretch and usually stops me walking... does anyone know of exactly what it is, it does not really swell up lots but it does a little and goes a little warm compared to the other... does anyonethink i will need an operation or will it just ware off... the only reason she said she was confused is i am only 15 so fairly youngto have problems with my knees like i am !


  • z000mz000m Posts: 544
    being overweight can cause problems with your knees
  • Jimbob_no5Jimbob_no5 Posts: 1,568
    have you had any accidents in the past that could have caused it?? or when it first started hurting?? it could be genetic aswell as my dad has had problems with his knee that happened 20 odd years ago and to make you feel better it could lead to an op, my dads op was needed because the cartilage had split
    im 15 aswell and i have very similar problems so your not alone :lol:

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  • Pippen33Pippen33 Posts: 235
    are you knock kneed by any chance
  • nope havnt knocked it in years or never badly.... my mam has very bad knees but that was due to a car crash so nothing geneticaly.... i am 9stone 3 so am about the right weigt...
  • z000mz000m Posts: 544
    do u ride a skateboard? its a theory i have
  • nope...never been into skateboarding
  • of course have you seen the overweight person they can t put one leg off the bed :S
    z000m wrote:
    being overweight can cause problems with your knees

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  • if your unlucky to have what i have....acl tear and dislocated patella...i havent been able to ride proplerly for year...:(
  • forcuttyforcutty Posts: 1,055
    I too have the same problem, it's a teen problem, although i'm 22 and i still get it every so often. get your self some deep heat cream, it helps a load. and when it hurts take it easy.
  • thanks forcutty, i have been to physio and have been told most of the muscles in my leg are too short as i have grown too quick and they havnt caugh up.. do you use the deep heat cream when it starts hurting and do you just put it all over your knee?
  • forcuttyforcutty Posts: 1,055
    yeah all over the knee. i never found those elasticated bandages helped much though take it easy and no impact sports. strangly enough i find the only things that don't hurt it are swimming and cycling. oh and ski walkers at the gym. However i don't take the ibrofen unless i really have too and the prescribed stuff is better than the supermarket brands. also you should get it free ask your doctor if they hav'nt already.
  • thanks...have you ever tryed deep heat spray? also how long does yours usually hurt as i was on my bike in the snow yeaterday only done about 5miles and started hurting :( so had to do 5miles back in agony and it is still really hurting now and i can barely walk :cry: do you have anything you do to get rid of it after you get it or is it just a matter of resting?
  • forcuttyforcutty Posts: 1,055
    yeah but that hurts like fook, rest is the only real key and anti inflammaterys like ibrofen take the edge off the pain.
    p.s hurts does'nt it make your old dear feel guilty and ask her if you can stay home from school for a few days till it clears up. It also dramaticly used to appear when ever i had to play rugby. so i was ref, and i was bribed to turn a blind eye to any harsh tackles. :shock:
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