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Erm, need a bit of help choosing bikes....please :D [edited]

VampzXVampzX Posts: 3
edited December 2007 in MTB beginners

Just joined this forum, literally.

Anyway, erm, getting into this MTB thing and i've been doing some research on the bikes i like, haven't cycled in like 2 years so nothing to flashy but yeh i'm planning on trying out some street TRIAL biking just because it looks so unbelievably kewl.

So yeh, i'm just looking for some bog standard entry level street/ trial/ bikes under £300, which i cud ride on all day.
would appreciate some advice and opinions on the bikes below:

Diamond Back Beta - ... +back+beta

Diamond Back Groove - ... -jump.html

Mongoose Fireball 26 - ... ike%202008

Mongoose Tyax Elite 2007 - ... N=Mongoose Tyax Elite Mountain Bike 2007

Raleigh Meathead 2008 - ... -2008.html

Saracen X-ray 2005 -

GT Tempest 3 2008 - ... ctID=13357

GT Chucker 3.0 2007 - ... ctID=11276

So yeah, would appreciate any help and advice. Got some advice from my mate onlinetsr, also the guy who told me about this forum but would like more advice if possible.

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