Riding on the drops?

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I cant get the same power when cycling on the drops as apose to sitting more up write, is this normal?. I know the drops give you a better airo position but should it come at the expence of power.

I,d only been riding on the drops when going down hill and didnt find it a problem, but I have a turbo trainer now and when I spend time on the drops I definatly have to work harder and its realy the only time that I actualy feel like am working my lower legs (calfs).
I am still very new to road bike riding, And I expect this will get better, but just woundering if maby Iv not got the best set up.


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    muz250 wrote:
    I cant get the same power when cycling on the drops as apose to sitting more up write, is this normal?

    I've never done a scientific study but:

    On the flat and downhill I go faster on the drops - probably an aero factor

    Ascending - I find I go quicker using the hoods - I'm more vertical and there's more weight over the back wheel.

    As the aero factor doesn't apply on the turbo I don't think it's a fair comparision, as road speed is not necessarily proportional power (gradient, aero factor, etc)
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  • I always find I can push a slightly bigger gear on the drops for some reason. My cadence drops a little but I fidn i'm usually going faster than I would be on the hoods.
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    muz250 wrote:
    I cant get the same power when cycling on the drops as apose to sitting more up write, is this normal?
    It's similar to riding on tri bars - the angle between your thigh and upper body is more acute - this uses your glutes more than a more upright position. This is why riders tend to pull themselves forward on the nose of the saddle when riding on the drops / tri-bars as it allows the thighs to contribute more to the power output.

    Riding regularly in this position will help improve the strength of your glutes.
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    yes but Triathletes and triallists use a completly differant bike position than normal roadies do. They drop really flat but rotate their pelvis forwards in order to do it effectively. Thats not easy to do without lots of practise.Also I think you'll find they also push their saddle well forward too. :D expect the'll be one along in a minute to tell us how its done.

    I hate the drops myself and find it more comfortable on the hoods but at 17 stone I'm as aerodynamic as a brick :oops: :oops: :oops:
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    Erm, it should be possible to set your bike up so that you can make good power from the tops AND the drops.....

    Road riders frequently use the drops to get a slightly more aero position for an attack, and track riders only ride in the drops.... all the hand positions should be set up so that they work for you!
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    Thanks for the replys, I think I need to play around with the set up on my bike a bit more, I just though the normal position for riding a road bike on the flat would be on the drops but for me there is definatly more effort required, It definatly works my legs more, but also feel like the postion is slightly uncomfortable, but as I said am far from fit and not used to the position.