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Do post ride simple sugars kill you!!!

drumsmasherdrumsmasher Posts: 241
Ok maybe a little extreme, but everything i have read and indeed practiced post ride, tells you that simple sugars replace the glycogen stores in your body and help you recover. At what point do the sugars become bad for you? Everything not sports related tells you not to eat simple sugars and only eat complex carbs. I understand that simple sugars will help you recover more quickly, but are they still bad for you and is liquid or solid form better. Thanks!
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  • Pippen33Pippen33 Posts: 235
    Cannot answer your question but I do know that alcohol is the best glycogen restorer, I gotta say you cannot beat a post ride pint, so long as it is Miller Light!
  • clarksonclarkson Posts: 1,641
    simple sugars give you a quick boost. that is to say that they get into your body, muscles and organs quicker, but dont last as long. after eating simple sugars, chocolate, energy stuff etc, its best to follow it up with something like pasta, bread or anything containing complex carbs. this will give your body long term energy supplies to help it recover.

    as for the alcohol, one pint is best, butr after that the effect is negative razther than positive.
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  • LhanceLhance Posts: 88
    your post ride meal is the key to improved fitness.
    you body utilises your food best if you eat as soon after the ride as poss(within an hour max).
    if you put censored in u wont improve.
    you need guilty protein to repair muscle tissue .
    your glycogen levels will recover with quality complexed carbohydrates.
    check cyclofuel
  • LangersLangers Posts: 95
    You may find not-sports related stuff will probably say avoid sugars, so that you can cut down on your daily calories. But when you have exercised simple carbs are the most important thing you can have. I take a carb/protein recover shake after exercise.
  • dunkerdunker Posts: 1,503
    lager, bitter, ale or stout, which is best then? double southern comfort? hehe :lol:
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    A milkshake is a pretty good recovery drink apparently ?

    I do like the Rego stuff if I've done a hard session, or if I'm away racing - a couple of Slimfast Shakes are portable and tasty.

    I dont believe normal people need to use this stuff after every session though. The least fit people at my gym are the ones who hang onto their lucozade sport like it was a security blanket, even if they are only doing 3 mins on the stepper....
  • Jon8aJon8a Posts: 235
    There's something on here that says chocolate milk is a good recovery drink.

    Sugars - After a ride your blood glucose level drops and your body will produce the hormone glucagon to release energy from your fat. This is slow and a quick dose of sugar will bring your blood glucose up faster. BUT too much blood glocuse and insulin kicks in and starts converting sugar to fat. So after a ride your fine as your restoring a balance but if your sat around doing nothing to much sugar will trigger your body to start fat production. Complex carnohydrates take time to be broken down so your glucose levels are kept more constant. Your body cannot handle large levels of sugar in the system so will create fat for when you have none (this is part of the problem with modern diet, we have evolved for feast and famine but we have feast and no famine as food is readily available).

    This is why in the morning you have porrige as it's slow release energy. During the ride you have something sugary for instant hits. Be warned though, it is a negative feedback cycle so too much of a sugar hit during a ride can start your body into fat production mode and cause you to crash rapidly after.

    After a ride a banana or glass of fruit juice is normally enough to give me the boost I need. It is also important to get plenty of Protein as after the ride is when your body starts to repair and recover.
  • Greg_mGreg_m Posts: 15
    simple sugars will spike your insulin levels and may even decrease your circulating sugars levels.

    A simple sugar should be followed up with more complex, and id try to aviod them directly after riding
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