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The Logistics Of Cycling To Work And Wearing A Shirt and Tie

mookboymookboy Posts: 39
edited December 2007 in Health, fitness & training
As the above title really. I just got my bike, I'm about 2stone overweight (atleast) and I want to use the bike as much as possible and not just as a weekend toy when it's light outside.

I'm going have a go at getting up early and go for a ride before work, but I would love to cycle to work aswell. Thing is, being rather unfit, and therefore likely to sweat a bit I really am wondering how you people do it! There are facilities to have a good wash when I get there (although no showers) so that seems OK, but how do you cope with needing to wear a shirt and tie and smart pants when you get there? There must be some tricks of the trade! Any good ways to get a shirt to work in a bag without crumples?

I'm a teacher and don't want to conform to the smelly teacher who rides a bike stereotype thank you very much.
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