mudguards on an spech allez

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I'm getting a bit fed up of getting wet and am seriously thinking about fitting some mudguards, I know most people have them as standard during the winter months, but this is really my first year of winter riding

My first question is, can you fit standard mudguards on a Spesh Allez? If so, any recomendations

Thanks in advance



  • I know how you feel. I've just got my first road/race bike and am thinking of fitting some mudguards too. I don't think the Allez will take regular guards (are there any fixing points), but you can fit SKS Race Blades which a very good alternative. That's what I'm looking to putting on my Kuota when the weather's looking grim. Hope that helps.
  • As above I've got a set of SKS Raceblades on my Allez and they do a very reasonable job. Cheapest I found them was Wiggle.
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    I too have SKS Raceblades on my Allez, also purchased from Wiggle.

    Unless I've mounted mine wrong the rear does seem to chuck quite a bit of crap at the brake. However, I'd rather spend time cleaning my bike than doing extra laundering.

    The rear is easy to install and remove but I found the front a bit of a swine. I had to mess about for a good 30 minutes or so, temporarily relocating the computer mounting on the fork so its not soemthing I'd like to repeat even with a clear forecast for several days.

    I’ve just left the front guard on now since mid-October and only remove the rear when the weather/roads are in good nick.

    Think I'll attach both front and rear blades permanently - or at least with cable ties - to the Allez when I purchase a new bike.
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    Lagavulin wrote:
    I too have SKS Raceblades on my Allez.
    And me.
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    My Christmas hols bike project is to get a full set of SKS 35mm mudguards from Ribble and bodge cut zip tie whatever onto my Spesh as I too do not like a wet cold muddy arse

    (even when cycling)

    got some good advice on ACF site from bike bodger
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    i have an allez, and have managed to squeeze a full rear guard on it. and its fine!!!

    you can buy clips that fit at the botton of the stays, so that a full mudguard can be attached!

    as your LBS, they might have some knocking around.
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  • Would the SKS Race Blades fit a specialized Roubaix?

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    Doesn't the Allez have rack mounts - can't you use these for mudguards ?

    I'm buying one shortly and definetly need a rack, but was also hoping to fit guards
  • I've fitted a seat post rear guard to my Allez. After I attached a rack to my MTB it was redundant so I put it on the Allez for the winter. It works well to stop crap being thrown onto my back and the front wheel on the Allez doesn't seem to throw up much at all.
    The guard doesn't protect the bike's components much, or anyone riding behind me; but I mostly ride my fully guarded MTB during the winter.
    I ride the Allez during the Summer and on fine Winter days so the seat post guard is only for unexpected rain during the Winter. The most important thing being it looks much better than full mud guards.