bike shop in Los Christianos, Tenerife?

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might be a long shot but can anyone on the forum tell me the actual street in Los Christianos where the bike shop is situated?

Am going out there next week.



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    Its called Bicisport, and it's near the post office.
    Find that, and you'll find the store.
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    my god how's that for advice? I'm impressed.
  • my god how's that for advice? I'm impressed.

    It looks a bit late though!
  • Bicisport Tenerife

    Telephone 922 75 18 29
    According to my map, it's in Lopez Valero Street.

    Yeah kinda delayed, but I haven't been logging on as much these last few months...
    It'll help for future searches though.
  • dcj
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    it was a bit late for this time as we have just returned after a week there, however perfect info for next time we go out in March so thanks very much for the info.
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    Just for future reference:

    The guy at Bici Sport is a shark. He sells used stuff "as new". :evil:
    I got caught out on a bike purchase and talking to other people I'm not the only one...

    The wheels were second hand (worse than demo condition). Used tyres, I'm convinced that the pedals were swapped to an inferior model and the seatpost was heavily scratched ... and the scratch covered with a sticker. Cause I picked up the bike when it was dark & dismantled it in my garage that same night, I didn't notice until after it was too late. :(

    Stay away or else check everything t h o r o u g h l y before you buy!
  • dcj
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    Hi Synchronicity

    thanks for the warning. Actually i bought some socks there last time in Tenerife.

    He seemed a nice guy and spoke good English, but i will take your comments on board if i get more ambitious next time.
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    I had great service a couple of years from that guy, Tony i think he is called, I snapped my rear mech hanger, He really went out his way to get me back on the road. ????????
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    Well he does charge about 3 times the price for a service as the other bike shops on the island... I certainly won't be buying anything major in there again.

    It's not like I have my own shop or anything... so I have nothing to gain by writing this.

    It's just a friendly warning to anyone who intend to buy something. Travellers have even less time to sort out stuff like this while on vacation. So when you see those lovely Wilier frames he has for sale hanging up in the window display, be sure you know what you're getting before you commit to buy. :wink:

    dcj, I thought he seemed like a nice guy too. That's why I bought a bike there (that and it was the bike I wanted) I suppose I unknowingly let my guard drop, and boy was I suckered. Now the trust has flown out the window.
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    I treat myself to a visit to the BiciSport shop during every annual winter holiday based at Los Cristianos. It's a great shop packed with interesting retro stuff and the man is fabulous, always devoting more time than is necessary for some tiny purchases by me and my friends. Thanks to him simply chatting when I knew he really should have been doing something more profitable, I enjoyed a fanastic next day on 28 February 2010 with nearly 100 locals on a long celebration ride starting at Las Galletas in honour of 1952 Tour of Belgium-podium guest Albert VandeVoorde. Please don't let internet moaners put you off paying this shop a visit.