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pad wear

SRISRI Posts: 125
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I recently replaced the pads in my juicy 5's with sintered Avid branded ones.

After only around 70 miles the outside pad has worn down to the spring. The inside pad still has a good bit of wear on it.

Conditions have been very wet and muddy recently, but this still seems short life especially since the pads are the sintered variety. Also, I would expect them to wear at similar rate.

When I fitted them, I centered up the caliper, so I don't think this is the problem.

Any thoughts as to what's going wrong?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    wet and muddy can wear pads out quickly.

    sounds like you have a sticky piston. clean the caliper and the piston and get it moving and then fit new pads.
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  • SRISRI Posts: 125
    Thanks Nick,

    I had a go at freeing the piston and whilst I could get both of them moving, one still seemed to be dominant. i.e. if both pistons were returned into the caliper only one would come out when pumping the brake lever. And the 'sticky' one would only move if it was out a bit to start with and the free one was pushed back into the caliper or the free piston was held.

    Then I had the 'bright' idea of using some finish line teflon spray on the piston. Now the brakes continual bind, no matter how much I try and center the caliper.

    Will this have damaged a rubber seal or similar and hence screwed things up or have I got a dodgy set of brakes?
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