help needed please

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just changed campag mirage chainset and rear mech cable..cannot get the gearing sorted,gears not changing to both extremes..taken down slack on cable but cannot adjust for full range...any help much appreciated


  • Smokin Joe
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    If the chain will not go to either end of the cassette both limit screws need winding out until it does.

    If the trouble is with getting the gears to index over the full range of sprockets check that you have the cable on the correct side of the mech clamp, it should be on the wheel side.
  • stueyc
    stueyc Posts: 518
    screws wound out fully...what do you mean by the cable on the wheel side...very new and learning
  • Smokin Joe
    Smokin Joe Posts: 2,706
    When you clamp the cable to the rear mech it should be positioned on the wheelside of the clamp bolt. if it is on the other side your gears will never index properly.

    Re the limit screws, they should only be wound out enough to allow the chain to sit on the smallest and largest sprocket or the chain will overshoot the cassette.
  • Monty Dog
    Monty Dog Posts: 20,614 has plenty of photos to explain. Joe means that the cable should be on the lower side of the clamp.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..