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Pete BeerPete Beer Posts: 604
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I am rebuilding a 1980's Lo Pro time trial bike. It came with a new old stock Gipiemme Techno m416 front wheel. I assumed it is a 650c but when fitting a new tyre found the tyre was marginally too big. After a pleasent couple of hours we came to the conclusion it seems to be 26" as in a mountain bike (559 diameter). Before I buy a 26 x 1" mountain bike slick tyre does anyone know if this is likely to be the case?


  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    650c is 571mm bead seat diameter (BSD)

    mtb is 559mm, as you say.

    sounds likely that you have mtb wheel

    can you borrow an mtb tyre to check it? Or measure as best you can the diameter of the wheel where the tyre bead sits.
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