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Which Kool Stop brake block?

Tom ButcherTom Butcher Posts: 3,830
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Oh wise ones

For a set of Shimano A550 (deep drop like the RX100) calipers which came with one piece blocks (no cartridges) which Kool Stop blocks will fit best - if any? Sheldon Brown seems suggest Kool Stop mountain ? Thanks

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  • scherritscherrit Posts: 360
    I'd go for the dura road holder (kool stop website) which make future pad changes easier, and then slide in the pads you like, combo salmon and black for me. Dunno offhand who in the UK keeps a full range of kool stop stuff, google is your friend.
    Good luck!
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  • Steve ISteve I Posts: 428
    None, the Kool stop pads are over priced. Try Fibrax pads, top performance at very reasonable prices. Couldn't recommend them highly enough, been using them for years.
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