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do I need a full face helmet?

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Hi, do I need a full face helmet for freeriding downhill or will a normal one do?
Thanks :D


  • stuconstucon Posts: 361
    it will do till you fall off and land on your chin, mouth, nose...... then you will wish you had a full face!!
  • jbfordjbford Posts: 101
    I came off my bike in Chamonix 2 years ago, my helmet literally saved my face / life. I cartwheeled through a bush and bounced off a slab of rock and back into the middle of the trail. Helmet had scuffs and scratches all over it and my glasses were pulverised.

    If I hadn't been wearing a helmet (plus full body armour) there is no way I would have been able to ride off the hill. My knee / shin guards were ripped off and I had to have four stitches in my left knee.

    I mean it when I say that there is no way you can spend too much on the correct protection. Take time to make sure that it fits properly and that it will stay in place in a crash.
  • AmosAmos Posts: 438
    FR + DH = Fullface advised.
  • surely its ok to wear one for xc.depending on where you go? because you can fall at anytime,and that little bit xtra protection would be good?
  • clasclas Posts: 187
    absolutely ! full face even for "manic trail" which is the type of riding I do
    I never touched it! It was broke when I got here.
  • The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 10,309 Forum Tart 2010
    You won't be able to breathe if you use a full face for XC (manic or not) - especially when you're climbing hills - - will be torture

    Full face only for DH/extreme FR where you could REALLY smash your face/head in....

    Go for something like a Giro Xen or something... something that will give you a little more protection than a roadie helmet if it makes you feel more comfortable.

    It really would be overkill and not practical to use a full face for XC
  • Some good alternitives in the link.The Ace dig piss pot with a peak and Cyphon stand out more for xc!
  • BikedevilBikedevil Posts: 1,156
    As with everyone I agree that fullface is a must for riding big scary stuff,.
    If its just a bit of extra confidence that you're wanting for riding XC/singletrack stuff then look at the Met Parachute or if you can get one a the Giro version which I can't remember the life of despite having had one.
    Its all down to you and want you feel suits your riding, just bear in mind that a full face will make you sweat...especially in the summer but its your head/face/chin/teeth so you have to decide - both my skid lid (now only used for riding) and full face have saved my head more than once.
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  • al_yrpalal_yrpal Posts: 102
    Do I need a full face helmet?

    Possibly, post your picture and we'll let you know!

  • I'm quite new to mountain biking myself - and I just have a normal cycle helmet. I do offroading, but I'm not really confident enough to ride out of my comfort zone just yet - I take it easy on downhills and don't really jump or anything. But I have had a few people say to me that I should get a full face helmet - but I can't help but feel that it is overkill for the level that I am riding at! I guess I would only get a full face one should I start taking more risks.... :twisted:

    So my advice would be, if you are at risk of smashing your face up if you come off, then get a full facer!
  • Jimbob_no5Jimbob_no5 Posts: 1,568
    full face definatley advisable, i found i needed one after a nice fall hitting a tree with a pi$$ pot on :lol:

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  • Always get a full face one
  • Will SnowWill Snow Posts: 1,154
    al preference. i like to wear a full facer occasionally, mainly so i can wear goggles (my eyes water easily) but i know people who cant stand em... my advice??? get a £25 from argos... you hate it??? ah well, there goes your 25... love it??? get a troy lee...
    i ride a hardtail
  • NoodooNoodoo Posts: 214
    My brother and my mate both bought full face helmets and we ride XC.

    I have a Bell cross country type Helmet.
    All I can say is that I keep my helmet on all the way around the treks that we do, wheras my brother and mate take their fullface helmets off on climbs and relatively easy areas.

    For reference, my brother has a Dianese lightweight aluminium fibre helmet and my mate has a 661 jobbie. Both of which have loads of air vents, but they just don't let enough air circulate to keep you cool on the climbs.

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  • JWYATT-18JWYATT-18 Posts: 114
    i'd get one even if you have been riding for years it well worth just the extra saftey and feeling more safe must have !
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