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Avanti - good or bad?

gsdgsd Posts: 114
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Hi all,
Anyone got any experience (good or bad) of avanti bikes? (Auckland based brand) My wife and I are about to buy a couple of bikes from them and I just thought I'd see if anyone had an opinion...


  • Ainsy8Ainsy8 Posts: 28
    Hi Scott,

    I have an 07 Avanti Blade Comp flat bar. Very happy with it. Reasonable quality components and value for money (AUD $1200). Have been bitten by the bug though and am already dreaming of an upgrade to a decent quality drop bar.

    Depending on the type of bike and your price range there will be several brands that are competing for your dollar which will not be all that different in component and quality levels. The most important factor is ensuring you get the best fitting bike.

    Which Avanti are you looking to purchase?
  • Had an Avanti team Corsa a few years back with Ultegra and it was a great bike to ride.
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