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Campagnolo lockrings/cassettes

steveparrysteveparry Posts: 36
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Hi, I've got a Centaur 11-23 cassette on a new bike that's too high gearing for me.. I want to change to a 13-26 cassette. I understand the lockring on the 11-23 won't fit the lower range cassette... Will I need to buy one of these as well as a new cassette? I've been looking online for such a lockring and it seems no-one sells them! How are you supposed to obtain one if they are required with a new cassette? Does anyone know if the lockring on the 11-23 will fit a 13-26 cassette? Anyone have a barely used 13-26 cassette (Veloce/Centaur) with lockring for sale? Thaks, Steve


  • you will get a lockring with the cassette, search on Wiggle etc and they state that it is included. If not, they are available separately - contact any Campag dealer or Google.
  • philophilo Posts: 46
    Here's the contact details for Campag's UK agent. They don't seem to have a website though!


    The White House
    Main Street
    Tel. +44-07802606228
    Fax +44-1949-829039

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  • araceraracer Posts: 1,649
    delstron wrote:
    you will get a lockring with the cassette, search on Wiggle etc and they state that it is included.
    They say explicitly that it isn't included with 12 and 13-up cassettes - you only get one with an 11-up.

    Lockrings available at ... index.html
  • The 12/13 lockring won't work with an 11 cassette and vice versa. The reason the 11 cassette comes with a lockring is that wheels are supplied with the 12/13 lockring as standard so you wouldn't need another when you bought a new cassette.

    quick Google came up with this ad. Might be able to do a swap with him ...

    none in stock, but Probikekit also sell campagnolo compatible lockrings
  • tony_stony_s Posts: 237
    I use mavic lockrings- substantially lighter, if it makes any difference
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