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Ladies' bib longs

TomFTomF Posts: 494
edited November 2007 in Workshop
No, not a thread about ladies in bib longs.

Rather, a thread to find out whether there are any bibs out there that ladies would consider wearing.

As a man (at least last time I checked), I find bibs to be very comfortable, especially so at this time of year when there's a chill in the air. My favourites are from Decathlon (although I do like my Assos bib shorts).

So, having bought Mrs Tom a new bike (her first road bike), she would like some bib longs to go with it so she can get out and be warm at this time of year. I'd be happy to help track down some suitable items for her to try on.

Any suggestions (whether expensive or cheap)?

Oh yes, gotta suit a 4'10" size 8....


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