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felt z35

bowserbowser Posts: 163
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im looking for a new road bike next year for leisure rides and the odd long distance
or audax ride currently have a giant scr3 which is ok i like the compact geometry
but im looking for a carbon framed bike for the first time i have read the reviews in cycling + recently on bikes around the 1300 pound mark and there are some v good ones in this range i particulary fancy the felt z35 which looks good and has similair geo to my giant i also like the viner gladius which looks very sporty
just wondered if anyone has bought either of these bikes and can give some feedback
i dont really like the look of the specialized roubaix or the giant scrc range(SORRY IM A BIT OLD SCHOOL!!) any thoughts appreciated.


  • JJDLDJJDLD Posts: 75

    As I understand it, the Z35 isn't due in the UK till early 2008. It's on my hit list too, so fingers crossed it's as good as it looks.

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