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Which wheels? Aksium / Fulcrum / Other.....

robgoddrobgodd Posts: 28
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Hi all,

Being an avid reader of these forums, I thought I'd dip my inexperienced toe in the water to ask some advice on something that I just cannot decide on.

I commute 20 miles a day on a GIANT OCR 3 - nothing special, but I like it. I also do plenty of weekend riding, and I'm looking to upgrade the bog-standard 'Rigida Flyer' wheels that it came with. I don't see the point of spending over £150 - they would be 'workhorse' wheels, and it's not like I compete or anything. I just want wheels that are lighter, more responsive, but strong enough to cope with a commute in all weathers.

Which of these would fit the bill best?

-Fulcrum 7
-Fulcrum Evolution 5 (which I'm currently leaning towards)
-Any others I don't know about?

Trawling the web, all three seem good. But where should my hard-earned go?

Thanks everyone.


  • daowneddaowned Posts: 414
    I was in the same situation a few months ago, I found that the Mavic Aksium wheels seem to be the best value for money and have good reviews and Aksium wheels seem to be the top choice with a lot of new bikes over £1500 by manufactures thats what made my mind up.

    Fulcrums look really nice as well, but for me the Mavic's sounded a better choice?

    It would be interesting to know what others think of the best wheel sets in the £150 band.
  • BarbesBarbes Posts: 72
    I'd recommend DRC rims if you can find a local wheel builder. The ST Touring at about £22 each would be pretty good for your needs and are exceptionally strong but not overly heavy (about 500g each) so good for commuting. Allowing £50-60 for the build you'd be well within your budget.

    If you're near Glasgow Wheelcraft do them as does Bob Elliot in Wigan.
  • Hanbuilt. i've got a pair of open pro's built on to campag mirage hubs with dt revolution spokes. cost me about £160 from lbs (you can get cheaper on t'internet but there's no gaurantee of quality) and their way lighter than any factory wheels your looking at (sub 1600gfor the pair incl skewers) and easy to service/repair.
  • I used to have wheels with Mavic rims that were handbuilt years ago and absolutely bomb proof for all kinds of riding - except that riding which involved being hit side on by a car. The rims then failed, as did the frame, but otherwise I reckon they would have kept going and going............ :roll:
    If only the legs were as good as the bike....
  • Fulcrum offers the best value as they use a standard spoke unlike the mavics

    Others to Ponder include Bontrager Race or finding a very good wheel builder and having some made. Look for a DT Swiss qualification though
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  • id go for the racing 5 evo's
    i've a set of last years and they're bomb proof, roll well and climb well. i like 'em.
  • il_principeil_principe Posts: 9,146
    No experience of the 5's but have owned 7's and currently own 1's and 0's. All have been fantastic and bombproof, can't recommend them enough. Plus Fulcrum are owned by Campy so you know they're gonna be quality.
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  • gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    The fulcrum5's are a grade above the 7's and the aksiums - if you can afford those I would go for them.

    between the 7's and the aksiums I'd probably go for the aksiums - mainly just because of the looks I like the look of the aksiums (and most of the range really)
  • richaricha Posts: 1,633
    FYI Fulcrum 7's are just £97 at Ribble at the moment...

    Seems like a good price.
  • Hoping to find out a bit more about the new Planet X Model B and Model C wheelsets. Seem to be getting some recommendations but I have not seen a proper review in the cycling press yet. They are in the same price bracket as the Aksiums/Fulcrums etc.
  • I changed to a set of Fulcrum 5's with a huge notable difference. They're not the lightest around but do roll well. Try this link ... oduct=4511 I havn't used them but they seem to be a little less expensive. Don't know about service levels etc.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    Fulcrum offers the best value as they use a standard spoke unlike the mavics
    Others to Ponder include Bontrager Race or finding a very good wheel builder and having some made. Look for a DT Swiss qualification though
    Care to enlighten us on that assumption?
  • I have used and can recommend Bontrager Race and Fulcum Racing 7's both are excellent sets of wheels.
  • I've used ... oduct=4511 and can recommend them.
    Make sure you get the lockring from them though I had to get it sent later as they forgot but no complaints, I got Racing 3's from them.
    Good wheels.
  • Don't have experience of the other options, but I use Aksiums on my commute and love 'em. So far seem to be pretty bomb-proof too...
  • I replaced the wheels on my Specialized Dolce Elite (seem to be unbranded, but with pretty bladed spokes) with Aksiums. I have no complaints about the Aksiums, but I can't detect any difference between the old and new wheels.

    Perhaps I just don't have a sensitive touch with a bike.
  • kilokilo Posts: 174
    I've just bought a pair of the 2008 Askiums, again I was toying with the racing 7's or 5's but went for the new Mavics having run the older Askiums on a commuter with no problems. I believe there only about 95g heavier than the racing 5 and cheaper, which as they were going on a second bike was a factor. Unfortunately my wife has pinched them :( for her bike to replace her Open pro's and she rates them very highly
  • pedladpedlad Posts: 127
    I've been looking at wheels at this price point to upgrade from OE alex wheels I'd been attracted to these

    seem to be a good low weight for the money compared to Fulcrum 5's.

    I think it'll be either these or open pro handbuilts but can anyone provide some typical weight/build options for handbuilts?
  • From what other posters say, you cannot far wrong by giving Hewitt's a call to discuss your handbuilt wheel options.

    See this thread for example.
  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for your advice. I didn't want to go the handbuilt route, so in the end I went for the Fulcrum 5's.

    They're great, far better than my old wheels. The only thing I'm surprised about is the incredibly loud freewheel clicking - it's like a chainsaw. Is this normal?


  • If you're going towards the Aksiums, Evans cycles website & shops have them on special at the moment.
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