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Ridgeback Panorama

Big WhiffBig Whiff Posts: 8
edited February 2010 in Tour & expedition
I'm contemplating buying a tourer; first long tour will be LEJOG; bikes on my list include the Ridgeback Panorama. Does anybody have experience of this bike?
Build quality
Ride quality
Component quality (where have they cut back?)
Comparison to other tourers
Review (can't find one anywhere on the web)

Thanks in advance.


  • Have just bought one myself. Lovely looking bike, rides well but I've not taken it far as yet.
    I too am doing the LEJOG, in June this year and it will be on this bike so I'm hoping I chose well...!
    Seeing as your post was in November last year I guess you'll already know how well the Panorama goes. Anything I need to be aware of before I make the big trip?
  • Did either of your buy a "ridgeback panorama" , I'm planning ride JOGLE this year around September and considering this bike. Any feedback would be great!



    Brad Middleton
  • HondatedHondated Posts: 136
    Brad have a look at this link because this fella seems to rate it.I am thinking of getting one myself.
  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    The spec looks pretty reasonable - but to be honest you'd expect it to be at £1200, which is the more expensive end of the tourer range. I'd compare it with the Surly Long Haul Trucker and Dawes Super Galaxy (both of which can be found for £1000) to see whether the price is justified.
  • Yes, I bought one Brad. In fact I got two, one for me and one for the Meme Sahib. We bought ours back in 2007 so we got the slightly cheaper model at 899 each. I know they've gone up an bit since then. Lovely cruising bike though. Very comfortable. We did LEJOG on ours in 2008 and last year took them down to Provence on Eurostar for a weeks touring.
    I'm pleased as punch with them. The gearing is just what we needed. They can really climb like goats fully laden. Another thing is that age old problem of women specific frames. You just can't get the range that us guys can get. The Panorama is no exception, they don't do a girly frame, but that said, the Meme Sahib finds hers (small men's frame) just right. In fact it's more comfortable than her girly specific Specialized racer. The spec on these bikes is great too, nothing I don't like really.

    The Franckster.
  • Thanks for getting back to me, I didn't realise I had a reply to my previous post (must check my email settings). I've just submitted my Cycle2WorkScheme through work, so hopefully going to get sized up pretty soon. I know I'll probably go for the Ridgeback Panorama, but are there any others well worth considering? Did any of you look at any other models or makes?



    Brad Middleton
  • I bought a Panorama this week and i cant believe how comfy this bike is to ride :)

    "It never gets easier, you just go faster"
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