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Cycling clubs in Lancashire?

AdamskiiAdamskii Posts: 267
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Could anyone recommend a good cycle club in the Chorley region of Lancashire?

I'm looking to go on some nice weekend social rides to begin with and depending on how I cope potentially some faster stuff in the summer.

The only club I've really heard of is the Lancashire Road Club. Would this be a good club to join?

Thanks, Adam.
It's all good.


  • theres also ribble valley crc.close to chorley . north lancs rc are probably too far away, their meeting points are about 15 miles from chorley.
  • AdamskiiAdamskii Posts: 267
    Thanks for the Info.

    Looks like either the Ribble Valley cc or Lancashire rc. As I live an equal distance between the two deciding which to join may be difficult.
    It's all good.
  • theres preston wheelers and also preston cycling club(preston wheelers have a website)
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    Why not go out on a ride with them both at then decide? Only then will you get an idea of the merits of each club.
  • HudsterHudster Posts: 142
    I also live in Chorley.

    I'm a member of Horwich CC. They are the nearest to Chorley and a nice ride through Rivington to get to where they meet for the club runs.

    A friendly bunch, my enthusiasm for cycling has really rocked again since joining them.

    Website at (although it's only just being updated again after the previous webmaster went to uni and didn't have time for it).
  • AdamskiiAdamskii Posts: 267
    Thanks for your response Hudster. I have e-mailed the Lancashire Road Club but haven't had a response yet and they do start a good distance from Chorley. Had a quick look at the Horwich website, seems ideal.

    Hudster - Are you going on a ride tomorrow with the Horwich cc? If you are I'd like to join you. Would we be able to meet somewhere in Chorley and ride across to the meeting point, rather than me trying to find the meeting place and getting lost! Name a time and a place and I'll be there.

    Thanks for your help.

    It's all good.
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