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contemplating my navel (old bike bits poll)

peanutpeanut Posts: 1,373
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I have just been out for a quick hack round the lanes and am sitting here munching on a dry rice cake and contemplating my navel....well I assume that I still have one as I haven't actually seen it since ...well .......must be 1997 I suppose. :roll:

Which got me to wondering about how much stuff I still use that I bought back then 10 years ago which is still working today. :shock: Take the Cateye Vectra computer on my winter trainer (which just about everyone used back then). Its still working on the same battery today ! :shock: :shock: :shock: It still gives me all the info I need ,the lcd display is big and clear so I have never thought to replace it .

What is the oldest bit of kit you still use on your bikes and how old is it ?


  • pneumaticpneumatic Posts: 1,989
    Glad to see someone else is spending the day gazing into the middle distance. I over-reached myself on the winter bike yesterday (70 miles in the cold) and feel as if I have been run over by a herd of elephants.

    Oldest bit of kit on my bike? That would be me, I suppose. . .

    . . . although it could be argued that, since most of me has renewed itself over the last 40 years, it's probably only the teeth, of which most remain, albeit with some filling compound to help them along. Yep! my gnashers!

    (BTW, get on over to "Campaign" and read the thread "cyclists please help" and then do the right thing. Lines open at 6)

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  • peanutpeanut Posts: 1,373
    jeepers 70 miles :shock: I'm lucky to do that in a week these days.

    Ok where is the linky to `campaine ' then ? I could spend hours searching this site for it and still miss it lol :lol:
    Found IT !
  • McBain_v1McBain_v1 Posts: 5,237
    Erm, the oldest bit on my trainer bike is... my bike (1983 Raleigh Competition 531c with all original components - still as sweet as the day it was bought) :wink:

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  • peanut wrote:
    What is the oldest bit of kit you still use on your bikes and how old is it ?

    Crikey! I used to have one of those - the first cycle computer I owned! Current holder of the "my oldest bike bit" title is the set of Modolo canti brakes on my 'cross bike - as far as I know they were the original ones on my old frame (which was at least 3rd-hand by the time I owned it), ca. 1985 or 86. Still do the business thanks to modern brake blocks, so no real need to replace them as yet. Cable set-up is a bit fiddly to adjust/re-assemble, though.

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