Cyclists...will you help?

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Cyclists, will you help?

I'm a volunteer with "Bikeworks", and am part of a project which helps train people with various disabilities in bicycle mechanics and repair. This is a very worthwhile project but we do need funds to further our work. Can I ask for your help in voting for us in the "People's Millions" competition which is held on Tuesday the 27th of November. Phone lines are open from 6 PM on the 27th and voters can cast ten votes by calling a number identifying the project. Calls from a landline cost 10 pence so I would ask you to contribute £1 in the form of ten calls for what is a very worthy cause.

To vote for us the number to call is 08702 436 701 and lines are open following the broadcast at 6 pm. Ten calls, each representing a vote are allowed from any one voter.
Many thanks, George.

Based in Fife, BikeWorks are a new community business run by and run for people with disabilities in Fife. BikeWorks recycle bikes and create employment and volunteering opportunities. The Bikeworks project would reclaim and recondition bikes destined for landfill sites reducing the damage to the environment and encouraging people to exercise and enjoy the outdoors through access to low cost cycles.
"Bikeworks "will feature on the "People's Millions" which will be shown on STV at six pm on Tuesday the 27th of November.

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    Yes, I will help, and would encourage everyone else to do so, too.

    A good friend of mine (and cyclist) is involved with this bid and has completely persuaded me that this is worth supporting.

    A simple example of what they do:

    Centerparcs holidays replace their entire stock of bikes (4500) every two years.
    They will give hundreds of them to Bikeworks.
    The people (with disabilities) at Bikeworks can refurbish them.
    Bikeworks then sell them on to towns/organisations (e.g. St Andrews University) with pool bike schemes.

    Simple, effective and good at so many different levels.

    ten calls each, please! :!:

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  • The phone lines are now open guys and I would welcome your support in the form of ten calls adding up to a quid. I can't think of a better way to further the cause of cycling.
    George. The number again is 08702436701
  • We were unsuccessful and lost this one. Many thanks to those who voted for us.
  • Just had a call this morning to tell us that, as best runner-up, we had won around £50,000. Great news as this will allow us to continue with the work.