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Employment In Cycling

drewfromriscadrewfromrisca Posts: 1,165
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Anyone got any tips on getting into the industry or anyone out there who has done it and got any advice on how/what they did and if they enjoy it. I'm thinking of a career change as being a plod has lost its appeal after all these years.
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Presumably you're not in it for the money either - very few people ever got rich from the bike trade.
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  • CVs to bike shops, thats it really. Just try and get a job doing whatever comes along whether mechanic or sales but you won't be well paid and you'll not get to ride you're bike anymore than before. But it will have nice shiny bits on it at staf discount prices. Which is nice.
  • Don't. It will ruin your hobby.
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  • feelfeel Posts: 800
    Make a mega fortune doing something else then open your own bikeshop with huge discounts for radar posters :wink:
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  • Manufacture cycle clothing in China. Sell it at ludicous high prices because you are a premium brand, call it Raphalike?

    Only do everything in one colour something dour like black, because that is your style, not to save on cost and stock of course.

    On a serious note, opening a bike shop would be expensive and the margins are poor., I've looked into it.

    Some one this forum has started a cycle travel company which might be a good way to go?

    Become a coach would be another option? Or a rep for a bike company?

    Remember you won't have a pension scheme etc which I guess you do at the moment.

    I'd like to set up a company filiming the amateur races may be the even the premier calender races and get them shown on TV no doubt in the early hours of the morning. If I could find sponsorship for it etc Mau be next year.
  • EurostarEurostar Posts: 1,806
    Can you sell? People with experience of dealing with the public are often good at it. I worked for Madison (a big distributor) many years ago. They had a team of fairly cheery telesales people who used to spend all day phoning dealers to persuade them to stock all the latest goodies. I suppose other distributors have a similar setup. How about Extra UK? They have a very good product range and are run by a former director of Madison who knows his stuff.
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  • Monty Dog wrote:
    Presumably you're not in it for the money either - very few people ever got rich from the bike trade.

    There's the old joke isn't there:
    'How do you make a small fortune in the cycling trade?'

    'Start off with a big fortune'
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