Brake Cable rattle

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Does anybody have any solution for solving the rattling of a rear brake cable against the top tube. It's driving me mad. The cable is tense-ish (can't get it functional if any tighter).


  • Gussio
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    Buy a little rubber grommit or two and thread them onto the cable. Problem solved.
  • Bronzie
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    You can get little rubber grommets that fit over the bare cable which if spaced correctly, stop the cable slapping the tob tube. No idea what they are called but pop into your LBS and have a look at some of the MTBs which I'm sure will have them fitted.
  • Zendog1
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    They are called cable doughnuts Any LBS or Halfords sell them.
    Edit: Try looking at the ends of the cable.- they should be there - ride vibe tends to move them to the ends. If you have to fit them you will have to disconect the cable from the brakes and pull it through the outer - dab a bit of supperglue on the cable end to avoid cable fraying.