Trying to find a gipiemme techno m416 rim / wheel or similar

Pete Beer
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I'm trying to find a Gipiemme techno m416 rim / wheel or somehing very similar, very deep V polished rim. aero spokes or a disc wheel to finnish a 1980's Lo Pro project. 130mm axle, 700, clincher. It's being put together for a bit of fun, so I don't need anything fancy (expensive).
Any ideas. Web search has proved fruitless.


  • acorn_user
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    Hey, there are a few forum posts on other forums that list big bad deep vee rims.
    DRC Sirio Speec and UFO Speed
    Mavic CXP30 (there are some others too)
    Campagnolo Atlanta (there is a pair on Campy Oldy)
    Ambrosio Futura
    FIR SRG30
    Velocity deep V (you can get this polished too)

    There are a couple of Gipiemme rims too, but I have never seen them for sale separate from a wheel.

    I think the CXP30 will be easiest to find second hand. Whithington cycles carry the DRC rims.

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