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People to MTB With?

Body PhatBody Phat Posts: 2
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Hi guys,

I am a bit of a beginner at Moutain Biking but find it hard to get some good people to go riding with, just not too cool to ride by yaself just in case anything goes wrong. Be interested to meet people that would like to go riding in the brisbane/goldie/sunny coast area... holla if your interested... [email protected] :D


  • nobody i know even has a bike and wont buy one so i always go it alone. now i have my new bike im intending to go out twice as much :lol:

    i enjoy it more as im not trying to keep up with anyone whos pace is faster than mine or waiting for slower riders. you can also rest whenever you like without looking like a wimp when everyone else wants to keep going :)

    Going it alone at night is great although you have to be carefull and make sure you take a mobile phone.

    And you always find that extra bit of speed when you hear someting behind you haha :shock:

    Ride safe.
  • Dr_DeathDr_Death Posts: 1,262
    I found a new site for helping to organise rides. Post your details and you may pick up some other strays....

    Trust me, I'm a doctor!
  • I wish I could join you for a ride! Must be some lush riding where you are 8)

    Try to find some websites of biking clubs in your area. Most areas have one here in the UK like this one down below:
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