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'real' mudguards for a mountainbike

zaynanzaynan Posts: 180
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I have a Cannondale F700 hartail mountainbike which has been retired from front-line off-road action to adopt a more leisurely life as a winter commuter. The problem is that I'd like to fit full length or nearly full length mudguards BUT there is only 1 set of eyelets at the rear drop out but none on the seatstays (it's wishbone) nor any drillings on the chainstay bridge (it's a disk specific frame). The same problem occus at the front - 1 set of eyelets at the fork drop outs but no other fising points above - to make matters worse the forks are headshock!

If anyone is stilL with me out there (i'll cut to the chase), can you recommend any bodges or mudguards that I can buy that might work? I've looked at the SKS raceblade XL which are for 700c wheels up to 32c tyre size. I'm running schwalbe big apples 26x2.0 - with the large profile of the 'balloony' schwalbes could these fit a guard desined for 700x32c max?

SJS Cycles also have what appears to be a solution on offer but they apear to be only made of carbon and cost £100 for the pair - I might as well buy gold plated ones!

I really don't want to put those fugly cycraguard or crud catcher things on either - they just look wrong!

Any help would be most appreciated please!!!
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