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Serious Problem - Lights related! SOLVED!!!

spasypaddyspasypaddy Posts: 5,179
edited November 2007 in Commuting chat
I am censored to be honest.

My back light this morning was playing up and flickering, i thought it was the batteries dying so i didnt think anything of it. Got to work and went to get some new batteries from boots at lunchtime, batteries bought, walk back to office.

Take said back light apart and put new batteries in, it doesnt work. censored

Took them out put them back in again, still nothing. So now im getting worried, so i ring the shop where i bought them and everything else from (so they know me very very well there!) and told the bloke, we are on first name terms and all that malarky. He said bring them in and he'll replace them no questions asked or anything (he'll send them back to the manufacturer) they are great like that, did it once before with a pair of gloves that broke on their first ride.

So great im getting my lights replaced and all that jazz but how do i get home today!? Ive got a 5 mile journey down lit roads to ride to get home. What should i do? I still have a front light and had i not been on my nice bike id of had two front lights. I dont own any hi-viz stuff either and ive got a backpack of clothes to take home tonight as well...

Any advice on how i can get home safely?
Should i put my front light on the back to avoid being rear ended? As i have more control over what goes on in front of me than i do behind me?


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