Would this work for a fixed gear???

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and would any chainring be suitable or would I need a fixed gear specific?



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    Can't see any reason why you couldn't use those cranks. You will need to get the right chain line, so this will influence what length bottom bracket you spec with them. I have read somewhere that it's easier to ride high cadence with shorter cranks, which is why most track cranks are 170mm max.

    Can use any round chainrings for fixed - don't have to be 1/8", even if you are using 1/8" chain although the chain is less likely to jump off an 1/8" chainring.
  • Why not?

    The advert does not give the dimentions of the bolt circle diameter, but there ia a plethora of people (and e-bay sellers) that will willingly sell you a chainring. You might have one already.
    Personally I prefer 1/8 inch chain (nostalga) but 3/32 inch rear sprockets are available so you could use a 3/32 inch chainring.
    Dont forget that a 1/8inch chain will run on a 3/32 inch chainring!
    Don't forget the chain line!
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  • thanks guys!
    that's great info!
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    There's no reason why you can't use them. From memory these take a 135mm BCD chainring - so any of the current Campagnolo road chainrings, or a track one from Miche or TA would do. To use as a fixed, you'd have to run the chainring on the inner position for a better chailine unless you could get it to work with a shorter bottom bracket - can't remember if these are 107mm or 111mm.
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