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Poll, Bear Grylls, man or fairy?

OffTheBackAdamOffTheBackAdam Posts: 1,914
edited November 2007 in The bottom bracket
Anyone else see Bear Grylls strolling around in the sun, teeshirt soaked in piss?
Good job I wasn't having my tea that late! :shock:
Remember that you are an Englishman and thus have won first prize in the lottery of life.

Bear Grylls 0 votes

What a wufta, we eat our raw scorpions tails and all!
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Pansy! We eat our huge spiders fangs and all!
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Girly, when we eat a live frog, it's entrails and all!
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Lightweight! Fancy spewing up after eating a goat's goolie raw
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When I were a lad, gutting a camel, scouping out its guts, squeezing water from half digested stomach contents and drinking it were an everyday occurence
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That's nowt, the camel carcass he skinned,gutted & crawled inside then kipped on, wasn't even a bit rotten
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