shimano 105 upgrade

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HI, I am looking at upgrading my groupset (everything) (shimano105) to something better, along the carbon fibre route, any advice and recomendations, possibly my wheels aswell, which are Aksiums at the moment, probably cant afford carbon wheels though.


  • fizz
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    I've had 105 on both my current road bike and my previous. If it were me I'd keep the 105 unless you are wanting to change number of gears or upgrade a really old 105 groupset or what you have at the mo is completely worn out, and then spend the cash you've saved on better wheels which IMHO will make more difference.
  • oldwelshman
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    I agrre, stick with 105.
    I have 105 on one bike and dra ace on another two and I find the gear changes as good on the 105!!
    Cannot notice any difference in the brakes either.
  • cheers guys, thats made up my mind. I shall look for some wheels, and on that note, what would be a good upgrade from Aksiums :D
  • JWSurrey
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    Depends on the type of riding you do.
    I personally went for a bombproof pair of lightweight handbuilt wheels - I don't travel fast enough or TT to need aero sections, but I do like the hills....
    Mavic Open Pro CD rims on Shimano hubs - I went for Ultegra hubs, but the world is your Oyster. Hope are quite popular if you want to blow the budget.

    Depending on your weight and power, your wheel builder will assess your spoke pattern and spoke count.
    Double butted spokes from the likes of DT are pretty much de-facto - funky aero ones are available too.
    I went for straight gauge - bombproof, confience giving, surprisingly lightweight wheels.

    Besides, it's a whole adventure looking at wheel design.

    I was recommended Campag. Neutrons too - of the same breed - a lightweight not particularly aero wheel for general road racing.

    Then, of course, there are tubular rims!
  • dennisn
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    Here's how I would work it. If you race, get a set of race wheels and a set of training
    wheels. If you don't race then race wheels don't make much sense to me and I
    would get a really good pair of sturdy 32 spoke wheels and really good quality hubs.
    Then I would shop around for bargains on a decent wheelset as a spare.

    Dennis Noward