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Winter tyres for p2 cromo!!

spamjumperspamjumper Posts: 30
edited November 2007 in MTB workshop & tech
I really want to keep up my riding this winter so i probably need a change of tyre from the nearly slick ones you get with the p2.

I am not really sure what to get, should i go for some hardcore DH tyres? or should i get some simple tyres to handle sketchy run-ins when it might have rained?

I ride sort of a mix of freeride and jumping and cant rely on the tyres have at the mo.

Any ideas? thx in advance
I jump spam
i have v8s


  • i favor the continental vertical tyres for winter use,

    i use there for most forms of riding and find them to be very grippy.

    Which reminds me i should really put them back on me bike now winter has def drawn in up here in the north a Scotland like.
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