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MTB hubs/rims on road frame for touring?

tommywmbtommywmb Posts: 148
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Got a mate flogging a Surly Pacer frame going cheap and I have some Mavic rims on XT hubs knocking about. Would the wheels fit a frame such as the Pacer? I have heard a few people talking of using XT hubs for a bit more strength, is this usual practice?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


  • MTB rear end hubs are 135mm wide, road hubs are 130mm, so are strickly not compatable.

    However ihave known some Surly frames in the past have been designed with a 132.5mm rear end so both fit. In reality especially with a steel frame there is usually enough spring in the metal so that you can get away with it either way.

    You hear about people 'cold setting' the rear end of their bike, this is just a fancy term for bending the rear stays to fit the hub!

    Second consideration is are your mates wheels 700c (road bike size) or 26inch (MTB size) and will this tie up with your frame?

    A-ha if it is the current pacer...its 700c road size wheels with 130mm rear end to accommodate road sized hubs...

    Cold set it is your own risk of course! In a way, if he is your mateborrow the frame and see if the xt hub will go in with a little persuasion...without having to actually bend the stays outwards, if not what have you lost?
  • Random VinceRandom Vince Posts: 11,374
    you can re-build hubs to fit other widths of frame, not sure whats involved tho a friend did it
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  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    It's a steel frame - you'll be fine. If it had been an ally frame. it would have been a different matter.
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