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Mudguard Advice

daver79daver79 Posts: 23
edited November 2007 in MTB beginners
Hi, I'm looking to get some mudguards for me and the missus.

I've been looking at these: ... uard%20Set

I've seen the things and they look pretty decent and I remember reading a review saying that they're pretty good.

Only problem is the front mudguard, I've got a Specialized Hardrock Sport and the missus has got a Giant Boulder, both bikes have the gear cables running down the downtube.

The write up suggests that the front mudguard is ok for use for bikes like ours, with a couple of features like cable channels and wedges.

Anyway, 1) has anyone got any opinion on these mudguards in general and 2) has anyone used these on a bike with cable routing down the downtube?




  • I've never really had a problem with my crud guards and gear cables there. I take it the cables are not exposed?
  • The cables are exposed but the first 3 to 4 inches nearest the front fork are covered so I wasn't sure if a crudcatcher or something in that style would be able to get close enough to the fork.
  • yeah i think a crud catcher would be able to get close enough no problem
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