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An MTB collegue and I were discussing the pros and cons of disk brakes this morning and whether we would see these on road bikes soon. Apart from the usual arguments about weight and stopping power etc, it occured to me that radial wheel lacing would be a thing of the past for disk equiped bikes. Probably why it will never find its way onto many road bikes other than tourers and hybrids. Pose factor would be seriously affected.


  • Carbon fibre disk equipped bike in cycling plus this month. £1,500 and weighs over 10kg :shock: . They seem to be suggesting it is a top spec commuter, I'm not so sure, I'd go for flat bars every time on my commuter. Does keep rim wear down on cruddy commuting roads when you are stopping and starting for red lights/traffic etc. Its got rack mounts but no rear mudguard mount? and 105 kit.
  • if you want your wheels to last through British winters without falling apart then get some ceramic rims. Far cheaper than disc brakes.
  • Arent disc brakes banned in road races anyway? So training with them would be dangerous as you would be used to having awesome stopping power, and then race with the equivilant of puting your foot down quite lightly on the floor.
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    I love em on a MTB, but wouldn't like to use that sort of stopping power with tyres less than an inch wide.
    I have pain!