what size overshoes to buy

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i have some shimano mtb mt 20 shoes and need some overshoes for them, i have size 10 shoes so do i get size 10 overshoes or should they be bigger size


  • Bronzie
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    If you are buying road overshoes for an MTB shoe, you'll need to go up a few sizes due to the tread on the shoe etc. - best try on in a store if you can first to get the right sizing
  • Try some MTB specific overshoes for those shoes. I got a pair of Adidas neoprene MTB overshoes a couple of years back which came in Small/Medium/Large rather than specific shoe size. The medium size fits me snugly with my size 8 Shimano mtb shoes.

    Best take your shoes into your LBS and try on the overshoes before buying.