Specialized Allez Sport Double 2007 £549 - Worth it?

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Hi guys, after a decent £500ish road bike to get me back into road riding. Used to be a roady, but now spend more time on my mountain bike.

Anyway with a full Tiagra groupset and the Allez A1 aluminium frame, this seems a great deal having been £699 now £549.

I was considering the Giant SCR 2.0 for the same money, but it only has the square tapered bottom bracket, Sora/Tecktro mix and a triple up front.


1. The clearance won't take muddies (I think) on the SKS race blades which aren't supposed to be that great - better than nothing I suppose.

2. Is the Allez going to be relaxed/comfortable enough compared to the Giant SCR?

3. I'm 6ft 1 1/2 inches and they reckon I need a 58cm. Sound about right?

Any thoughts on this bike in general?




  • Rich Hcp
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    Go for it!

    I have a Sport Trilple, I'm REALLY pleased with it

    Lovely bike, nice well made, Tiagra is worth it..

    Giving it Large
  • Which bits of the SCR 2 are Sora.... ?

    From everything I've seen, it's Tiagra - aside from the brakes, bottom bracket, and cranks, But no Sora.

    I've got the SCR 3, and find it really comfy, and I won't trade my mudgaurds for anything in the winter. Well, almost anything. :D

    Of course, there is only way to answer the comfort question...

    I would think the bottom bracket would be easy to change if it's that big of a deal for you. If the SCR fits you better (I'm not assuming it does), maybe the Allez isn't that great of a deal after all.

    (I don't have anything against the Allez. If it had fit me better, I probably would have gotten it instead.)
  • Hi, I recently bought a Specialized Allez Sport 2007 double and I have to say I think it is fantastic. I took it for its first long ish ride on Sunday and it was really comfortable, very fast and very responsive. Admittedly I am comparing it to my previous 30 year old road bike, but I still think it is great value for money! I'm 5 feet 11 and bought the 56 cm which seems to fit me perfectly, so I would say a 58 cm sounds about right for you.

    I bought mine from http://www.cyclesurgery.com for £499, and it looks like they still have 58 cm bikes in stock. Their customer service was excellent; I received it 2 days after ordering. I also plan to spend about £50 on changing the front chainrings to a compact, which I have been advised is a pretty simple job to do myself.

    Hope that helps,