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Born again needs advice - full sus / hardtail - £2k to spen

racingtracingt Posts: 108
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Hi all
Last mtb was a Marin Rift Zone, in 1995, when they first launched. Loved it on bumpy stuff, hated it on roads. Pedals very far apart, (big Q), plus were 175's (too long), and pogoe'd up hills, slowly. Went back to 1990 Scott Pro Racing after that - rode it from Turin to Nice over the highest passes I could find (2800ms!)

Fast forward, 10 years, older, fatter and richer now. Got £2000 burning a hole in my pocket, want a XC mountainbike, considering Scott Scale 20 or Marin Mount Vision.
Already ordered the Ayups lights for night riding, but bike must inspire me to get out. Not interested in DH, but do plan on getting muddy, and possibly that gorgeous Scott frame will be horribly scratched after the first ride(!). Full suss is heavier - but then I'm carrying an extra stone, so what the hell ! Lockout looks good.

Advice please!

Many thanks


  • miket-62miket-62 Posts: 227
    I would reccommend the SCOTT GENIUS (full sus)
    Light bikes, full sus, lock out, traction control the list goes on and on
    Get one... You will NOT regret it
  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    Giant Anthem? very nice bit of kit.
  • Father FaffFather Faff Posts: 1,176
    Commencal Meta 5.5.1 or maybe even an Orange 5 or perhaps a Santa Cruz Heckler.
    Commencal Meta 5.5.1
    Scott CR1
  • I think for 2K you could get yorself a Specialized Epic. The rear shock is amazing and the bike is very light. I've just built mine with a 2005 frame and I love it, so I imagine the 2008 one is even better!
  • racingtracingt Posts: 108
    Hi all

    Just scored a 2006 Whyte E5 - brand new !

    loved it after a test ride, much better than 2008 mt Vision, IMHO

    Also got Ayups!! Whicha re brillaint!!
  • Have you thought about going to your LBS and getting a bike custom built?
    You should get a better specced bike for the cash 8)
    Thats what I did with mine.
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